Lionel 6-18228 Southern Pacific Dash-9 Diesel Locomotive #8228 from the estate of Richard Kughn

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Tested and service. Includes original box, additional traction tires, TMCC remote overlay and all original instructions. See pictures for details.

This locomotive is from the personal collection and estate of former Lionel owner, Richard Kughn.

From the General Electric shops in Erie, Pennsylvania, comes this powerful workhorse of today's railroading.

The Dash-9 is making its mark on North American main lines with dependable performance and rugged build quality-just like this Lionel locomotive.

Introducing the Lionel Command equipped 8228 Southern Pacific Dash-9, fresh from the paint shop to your railroad. Unparalleled features, top performance, and exquisite decoration quality make the Lionel 8228 a must have for all your contemporary diesel operations.

Best of all, the Dash-9 is Lionel TrainMaster Command Control equipped. That means it features the Liontech Command reverse unit, a revolutionary microcomputer that not only gives you control over every locomotive feature (directional headlights, RailSounds II, and more) but lets you run the Dash-9 independently on the same track, at the same time, with other Command equipped Lionel locomotives. Or run the Dash-9 on a conventional railroad and enjoy the standard forward-neutral-reverse operation automaticly. The Lionel Command equippes Dash-9 diesel locomotive is quite simply the most advanced electric train you can buy.

Thrill at the realism of the Dash-9 RailSounds II system, featuring actual Dash-9 digital sounds recorded by Liontech engineers. Fully controllable diesel roar, clanging mechanical bell, and MultiHorn-different every time-are just the beginning. Next, add extra sounds and details like squealing brakes to reveal the true depth of the Railsounds II system. Nothing comes close to Railsounds II-except the real thing.

The Lionel Dash-9 comes equipped with Electrocouplers-Plus, coil activated couplers that work anywhere on your railroad with TrainMaster Command Control or over and UCS operating track section in conventional operations mode. The special coil-plus-target disk design gives you performance freedom.

Looking for raw power? The Dash-9 delivers with two powerful Pullmor motors for the tractive effort you need. And magne-Traction keeps the Dash-9 surefooted on the tightest of O gauge curves. If long freights are common on your Lionel railroad, the Dash-9 is ready for service.

No other electric train gives you this much realism and control in such a rugged package.


Lionel TMCC Command Control equipped

RailSounds II digital sound system with volume control

Directional lighting

Ditch lights




Detailed and rugged molded body

All metal wheels, axles and gears

Die-cast trucks

Lighted cab interior

Metal railings

Metal chassis

Minimum radius curve: O-31

Scale: O-Gauge

Length: 16-1/2"

MSRP: 699.95

This engine has been test run to make sure that it is in proper operating condition.