Lionel Hudson 8206 6-4-6 with Upgraded Sound

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Lionel Hudson 8206 6-4-6 with Upgraded Sound.

Serviced, cleaned, smoke unit serviced, and sound upgraded. Mighty Sound of Steam replaced with Dallee Hi-line Whistle and Bell Stamp. 8 whistle , 6 bell choices with volume control. Programable. Original box and instructions included. See pictures for details.

In 1972, Lionel produced another high end HUDSON. This time the 4-6-4, numbered 8206 and lettered for the New York Central, made it to production. It was a reissue of the Postwar-Era 665 and used its boiler mold and drive train.


The 8206 included a new feature not found on Postwar-Era steam engines, the Electronic Sound of Steam. The Sound of Steam is actuated by the drive wheels on the engine closing a circuit which is connected to a primitive circuit board in the tender, creating a white noise sound resembling the chugging of an engine. The 8206 also had an electronic whistle, but it was unreliable and many 8206s have defective whistles today.


The 8206 was one of the most significant engines of the MPC era. During its first two years MPC/Lionel focused almost entirely on starter sets, with only limited offerings of extra cars and accessories, and no other locomotives other than those included in the sets. The 8206 showed a willingness by the company to bring back some of the bigger, higher-quality pieces from Lionel’s glory days.


The 8206 was primarily offered as a separate-sale item, but it was also used in one hastily-assembled set in 1972.

The Stamp Steam Sound System features 8 whistles and 6 bells on a single board. Choose one setup and then change it again at any time. Changing sounds is easy with the new setup mode and does not require a computer or external programming tool.

HiLine™ Sound Systems are completely polyphonic meaning that each sound mixes with the other for a full locomotive experience. Many other sound systems are only capable of producing one sound at a time - when a whistle is blown on a HiLine™ Sound System, the rest of the sounds continue to play along with it.

Eight whistles are included on every unit, appearing in this order:

Baltimore & Ohio

New York Central

Norfolk and Western (Western Maryland)

Pennsylvania Banshee

Pennsylvania K4

Pennsylvania Passenger (T1)

Reading Passenger (G3)

Reading Freight (I10)

Mute (No Whistle)

Six bells are included on each unit, featuring differing ring patterns and bells.

Does not include chug sound or tether to tender. Tether is retained inside the locomotive.

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