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Lionel Postwar Baby Ruth Box Car Duo

Lionel Postwar Baby Ruth Box Car Duo

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Lionel Postwar Baby Ruth Box Car Duo.

No Boxes. See pictures for details.

The Baby Ruth Box Car No. X1004 was first issued in 1948 on a Type I ORANGE body usually with DARK BLUE lettering, and a PRR railroad herald to the left of the doors as is the number of this box car

There are four variations:

Variation A: Has the BLUE lettering "Baby Ruth" outlined and came with early Scout trucks. Issued in 1948 and 1949.

Variation B: Has "Baby Ruth" in solid DARK BLUE with late Scout trucks. Issued in 1951 and 1952.

Variation C: Is similar to Variation B, but with strongly stamped lettering and the couplers have been converted to magnetic type (this is possibly a service station

Variation D: Has the DARK BLUE lettering "Baby Ruth"

The Baby Ruth Box Car No. X6034 was available in 1953 and 1954. Issued on a Type I unpainted 8½" ORANGE box car body with late scout trucks and magnetic couplers. There is a PRR railroad herald and car data to the left of the doors and a heat-stamped solid lettered "Baby Ruth" to the right. Came in a middle classic box numbered "6034," but the car is numbered "X6034" that is heat-stamped under the car data.

There are two variations:

Variation A: Has DARK BLUE lettering.

Variation B: Has VERY DARK BLUE that is almost BLACK lettering

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