Lionel PRR GG1 Locomotive 6-18313 with TMCC

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Lionel PRR GG1 Locomotive 6-18313 with TMCC.

New except for service and test run. See pictures for complete details.

This classic Lionel GG-1 is a model of the engine considered by many railroad experts to be the best all-around engine ever built. The GG-1 was designed by top industrial designer, Raymond Loewy and first put into passenger service in 1935. The GG-1 can run at over 100 miles per hour with little strain. Some GG-1's are still in Penn Central and Amtrak service.

Lionel's first GG-1 was offered in the 1947 catalog. The first model with magne-traction and twin motors was built in 1950.


O-Gauge, O-Scale

Die-cast body

Twin Pullmor motors

20 Die-cast wheels


12 powered driving wheels

Die-cast trucks

Metal chassis

Twin metal pantographs

Die-cast operating knuckle couplers

Operating headlights on both ends

Transformer controlled forward-neutral-reverse operation

Pantographs can be modified to work with a catenary system

Equipped with Lionel TrainMaster Command Control

Length: 14 1/2"

Minimum curve: O-31

This GG-1 is new in the box and has only been test run. We have tested it to make sure that all features work and that it runs properly. Includes the instructions manual and original box with styrofoam packing insert and all packing materials.