Lionel Rock Island 4-8-4 Scale Locomotive and Tender 6-18001

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Lionel Rock Island 4-8-4 Scale Locomotive and Tender 6-18001.

Serviced, cleaned and tested. Very minimal run time. See pictures for details. Includes original box, packing styrofoam and paperwork.

Lionel 6-18001 O Gauge Rock Island 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive & Tender #5100 from 1987. Features include a magne traction pullmor motor, puffing smoke from the stack, an illuminated headlight, illuminated number boards, simulated steam emissions from the steam chest, remote controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation. The tender features electronic Mighty Sound of Steam and electronic whistle. The cab number is 5100.

First introduced in the early 20th century, the 4-8-4 took rail yards by storm primarily hauling coal and other forms of freight across state lines in the US and rail-ways in various other countries. While later models would improve on the 4-8-4's limitation, this locomotive still made its place in history as a pioneer of 20th century rail-road industry, and is featured in some museums today as a testament to how far the industry has truly come!