Lionel Scale S2 Turbine and Tender 6-18010

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Lionel Scale S2 Turbine and Tender 6-18010.

Excellent condition. Tested, serviced and cleaned. Smoke unit(s) replaced. Big, burly and Smokey PA S2 Turbine. See pictures for complete details. Original box is in good condition.

Nicknamed the big "Swoosh" because it didn't have the typical steam "chug" sound of conventional steamers. The Pennsy Turbine locomotive was produced by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1944 and was given the classification: S-Experimental. The Pennsylvania Railroad took delivery of the S-2 prototype to test the application of turbo power on the rails.

Using steam to power the turbines, the S-2 had no cylinder, piston, or valve motion but could generate up to 6,900 horsepower. Unfortunately, the S-2 only saw service between Crestline, Ohio and Chicago, due to the limitations of turbine power. During startup, the S-2 has a huge appetite for coal and water; it carried 42.5 tons of coal and 19,500 gallons of water and would have needed much more over a longer route. Turbine locomotives never moved beyond the experimental stage, and this 6-8-6 giant wound up being the only one of its kind.


Highly detailed die-cast metal construction of both the locomotive and tender

Smoking stacks (4)

Operating headlight

Operating backup light on the tender

Firebox glow

Constant voltage lighting

Powerful Pullmor motor

Spoked drivers with metal rims

Metal handrails and steps on the engine & tender

Transformer controlled Forward-Neutral-Reverse operation

Opening boiler front

Metal wheels & axles

Authentic Pennsylvania markings

Loco & Tender are over 30" long

Operates on O-72 or greater curves

Tender Features:

Turbine RailSounds include the hiss of the powered-up turbine, the shrill blast of the steam whistle, and the tolling of the bell

Volume control

Operating die-cast knuckle coupler

Metal wheels & axles

Die-cast metal trucks

Real coal load

Authentic Pennsylvania markings

Slight scratch on tender. See pictures for detail.