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MTH O Gauge RailKing Reading 4-6-0 Camelback Steam Engine PS1 -30-1142-1

MTH O Gauge RailKing Reading 4-6-0 Camelback Steam Engine PS1 -30-1142-1

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Tested and serviced. Fully operational. BCR installed to ensure reliable operation. Includes original box and packing. See pictures and video for details. Excellent runner and smoker.

Railroads that served the mines of eastern Pennsylvania had a cheap and abundant supply of anthracite coal. However, the traditional deep fireboxes of most steam locomotives were not suited to burning anthracite coal, which required a shallow box to reach high temperatures. The Camelback steamer was designed to allow eastern railroads efficient use of this fuel. It boasted a wider, shallower firebox that allowed coal to burn hot. However, this firebox displaced the cab, which had to be moved to the middle of the engine, straddling the boiler. While the engineer worked from this cramped cab, the fireman remained at the rear of a locomotive on an often unprotected deck.

Working conditions on a Camelback (so named because of the odd bulge of the center cab) were difficult at best. The engineer and fireman could communicate only with great difficulty, the small cab had little room for the controls, and the fireman had to do his difficult task of feeding an extra wide firebox with even less protection than traditional engines afforded.


O-Gauge, O-Scale

Precision Flywheel equipped motor for smooth coasting and operation

Spoked metal drivers

Electronic reverse unit

Die-cast boiler and tender

Metal handrails and decorative whistle

Operating Proto-Smoke system

Detailed cab interior

Operating headlight

Electronic bell & whistle and engine sounds

Equipped with ProtoSound digital sound and control system featuring squeaking brtakes, passenger station sounds and remote controlled Proto-Coupler (no uncoupling track required)

Length: 18"

Minimum curve: O-31

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