UP Big Boy by K-Line K3790-4009w

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UP Big Boy by K-Line K3790-4009w.

Serviced, cleaned, lubricated and tested. Excellent condition with original box. See pictures for complete details. 1:64 O Gauge 3 rail with smoke unit, whistle and bell. Can negotiate 031 radius.

K-Line, however, has done something different. Instead of selective compression, it has created a fully proportioned 1:64 scale locomotive that operates on O gauge track.

The cleanliness of the cast-in details – and there are plenty – is second to none in any price range. Rivets and boiler bands are sharp and well defined, as are the cast-in hatches, levers, and piping. The riveting along the sides of the firebox merits special attention.

This locomotive has an attractive nose with all the major detail points represented, including the UP shield, headlight, number boards, and marker lights. All surface textures where O scale shop crews might walk are smooth.

The boiler has accents that include a brass-tone bell, pop-off valves, and even a red valve handle.

The cab has an opening roof hatch, “glass” in the windows, and a firebox backhead with gauges, pipes, and levers. You’ll find engineer and fireman figures at their positions.

The tender has grab irons along the top, red markers and a backup light on the rear, and a glossy cast-in coal load.

Painting is excellent with no noted overspray or blemishes. The rig is done in basic black, with silver gray on the smokebox and firebox.

Drawbar pull for the 9 pound, 9 ounce locomotive was superb. I racked up 2 pounds, 12 ounces on our test gauge, which equals roughly 132 free-rolling pieces of rolling stock.

The twin-stack smoke unit takes a page right out of the mosquito fogger school of design.