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Features and Specs

Polyphonic Sounds
32-Bit Technology
8 Whistles
6 Bells
3 Chuffs
2 Air Pumps
Safety Value
Open Ballcocks
AC, DC, Locomatic™, or DCC
works with any type of motor control, including PWM
Includes two 6 pin wire harnesses and one 2 pin speaker harness







HiLine™ Stamp - Steam Whistles & Bells

HiLine™ Stamp - Diesel Horns & Bells

Technical Specifications
Item Number 1560

Sounds All sounds are polyphonic. HiLine™ Stamp Steam Sound Systems include whistle and bell sounds. For details on how to activate each sound, please review the full user manual.
Included Whistles Eight whistles are included on every unit, appearing in this order:
Baltimore & Ohio
New York Central
Norfolk and Western (Western Maryland)
Pennsylvania Banshee
Pennsylvania K4
Pennsylvania Passenger (T1)
Reading Passenger (G3)
Reading Freight (I10)
Mute (No Whistle)
Included Bells Six bells are included on each unit, featuring differing ring patterns and bells.
Compatibility As a general rule, each HiLine™ Sound System is electrically compatible with all scales and gauges of model locomotives.
Note: some of these applications may require items not included in the base package.
Electrical Compatibility HiLine™ Stamp Sound Systems are compatible with AC, DC, and DCC systems (DCC requires external decoder).
Physical Compatibility Compatible with: 1 gauge, 0 gauge, G gauge, O gauge, S gauge, HO gauge, N gauge, and Z gauge/scale models, ride on models, and many more.
Note: some of these applications may require items not included in the base package.
Input Power 7-18 volts AC
9-22 volts DC
Output Power Output Power 1.5 Watts at 8 Ohms
*Requires an 8 ohm speaker (sold separately)
Physical Dimensions 1.2 Inches X 0.95 Inches X 0.5 Inches


An Electronic Reversing Unit, better known as an E-Unit, is the device installed in AC style locomotives that allow the motors to be sequenced into forward, reverse, or neutral. Dallee E-Units have the option to start in either forward or neutral.
Universally Compatible:
4 & 12 amp E-Units are a universal replacement for all types of locomotive E-Units. The 2 amp E-Unit works only for DC type motors. An easy way to identify the type of motor is to check if there are either two or four wires leading to the motor itself. Two wires indicates a DC type motor while four wires indicates a series field style motor.
Easy to Use:
To sequence the E-Unit, power to the locomotive is turned off and then restored within 6 seconds.


Technical Specifications
Item Number 1400
System Compatibility
AC Track Power
DC Can Motor (2 wires to motor)
Series Motors (4 wires to motor)
Maximum Current Handling 12 Amps
Physical Dimensions 1.5 Inches x 2.5 Inches x 0.9 Inches






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