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Lionel 6464 overstamped 2 Boxcar Set

Lionel 6464 overstamped 2 Boxcar Set

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Lionel 6464 overstamped 2 Boxcar Set.

As consolidation hit the railroad industry, it was desirable to put into use the resources of the :Fallen Flag" road as soon as possible, with as little cost as possible. Insted of gathering and repainting all of the new boxcars acquires, the large railroads took to "overstamping" their names and logos on the existing cars and getting them back in service in short order. Lionel has recreated these cars with the Conrail overstamps to represent their takeovers. Along with their prototypical markings, these cars have all of your favorite features of the 6464 boxcar line.

These boxcars represent the Conrail take over of the Jersey Central and the Lehigh Valley Railroads. Like new 



Metal chassis

Die-cast sprung trucks

Die-cast operating knuckle couplers

Opening doors with metal door guides

Metal brake wheel

Metal wheels & axles

Length: 10-1/2"

Minimum curve: O-27

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