Lionel prewar and postwar EUnit REPAIR AND SERVICE

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Lionel Prewar And Postwar Eunit Refurbishment. THIS IS A REBUILD SERIVCE. YOU ARE SENDING US YOUR EUNIT FOR REPAIR. THE PICTURED EUNIT IS NOT FOR SALE AND ONLY USED AS AN EXAMPLE OF OUR WORK. Rebuild service includes clean and lubricate plunger, replace upper and lower fingers, replace roller unit, tighten lever control when possible. Units requiring coil service are not included. Bench test performed prior to return shipment. Shipping fee includes return service. Please message through and forward a picture of your unit to confirm availability. Once your message is received and payment is processed an address will be provided to ship your E Unit. Expect 5-10 business days for return. I pride myself on the work and effort that goes into each Lionel that comes through Fun Factory Vintage Lionel Trains. In some cases a train comes to us from a dumpster or a basement where it may have sat for decades. It is an honor and a true privilege to bring these venerable American made products back to life and back on the rails. We never repaint our locomotives. It is our firm belief that every nick or blemish has a story to tell. Sometimes these imperfections are left from years of enjoyment from childhood excitement or errors direct from the factory. In any case, they are a part of each piece’s history. Our process is as follows. Whether you have sent your train for rehabilitation and service or we have acquired a Lionel for resale, the process is the same. Each locomotive or rolling stock unit is completely disassembled, cleaned and sanitized. Wiring is checked and replaced as needed. Eunits are rebuilt or replaced. Motors, armatures, brushes and chassis are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Finally drive rods are cleaned and polished while wheels and drivers are evaluated and serviced. All die cast and tin shells receive a 24 hour specially formulated oil bath to stop corrosion and zinc rot while restoring the finish as much as possible to like new condition. If replacement parts are required, we strive to find OEM historically correct replacements. Each component is bench tested and the unit is reassembled with Lionel OEM screws and fasteners where applicable. The unit is track tested and once the ok is given, carefully packed and returned to its owner or listed for sale. Given all this, if you are looking for brand new out of the box perfection, may we suggest or your local dealer. If you seek high quality historically correct and lovingly restored Lionel products then come on in and look around. Thanks for looking! Gary